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Rise of The Phoenix
The Admiral's Diaries

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Robert Liddy

With our planet under the threat of an alien invasion, the CIA is on a quest to discover the culprits facilitating the attacks. During the investigation, they discover information on a man named Bryan Ludendorff, who they believe has the potential to save the world from total calamity.

Bryan Ludendorff had left his past behind after leaving the Army to start anew. Years later, when a CIA delegation pays him a visit at his home, he is unexpectedly confronted with his past once again. The CIA believes he has information on missing diamonds and money from a West African syndicate organization that he may have had something to do with, also a terrorist group that’s backed by certain extraterrestrial species.

Now Bryan Ludendorff, a renowned con artist in some circles, appears to be the sole resource available to assist in the prosecution of the case. The investigation is likely to reveal the covert enemy spies in the CIA who have been feeding the enemy secret information.

The question is, who are they? Will they succeed in accomplishing their objective? Is Ludendorff the man who can save the world from potential calamity? Will the CIA ultimately apprehend the perpetrators and safeguard the Earth from extraterrestrial invasion? Nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Chapter 1 Preview

After successfully protecting the Earth from a potential alien invasion, Ms. Xander, the director of the CIA, and other senior officials hold a meeting at the Criminal Investigations Division. Even though the department has been dealing with all sorts of national security risks, threats of alien species are not something to be taken lightly. To make matters worse, a terrorist organization called The Circle has been facilitating these alien invasions, making it a challenge for the CIA to step up and protect humanity.

Chapter 3 Preview

Bryan Ludendorff is taken to Langley, Virginia, under the supervision of General Olson, who showed up at Ludendorff’s house one fine morning with a team, asking him to accompany the group back to CIA headquarters. At the headquarters, Ludendorff meets some old acquaintances. Once the interrogation begins, they dig out important information about The Circle and the terrorists leading the group.  

Chapter 2 Preview

The case at hand takes a turn when the CIA finds a suspect it believes can help them collect intel on The Circle. Having had a close encounter with this terrorist organization and its members, Bryan Ludendorff is believed to be one of the most important people to provide useful information and move the investigation forward. He is taken to the CIA for investigation in the hopes that he can provide information about high-quality diamonds and money that went missing from a syndicate organization in Sierra Leone.  

Chapter 4 Preview

The next morning after the meeting, Ludendorff wakes up to the sound of gunfire. He, along with a few other people, are staying at the Peace Corps Rest House in Freetown. The place is being attacked, and Bryan wakes everyone up to prepare for defense. Meanwhile, he figures out a way to meet The Circle’s leader, Sutter Washington, aka The Stiletto.  

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