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About me

Robert Liddy

I was born in June 1963, a middle child, and am now married with three children. Having worked in the Army for years, I grew interested in writing in the science fiction, fiction, crime, and political genres.

I earned a degree in history from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and another in the animal science program from the University of Connecticut. I served in the Peace Corps in the Philippines and Sierra Leone. I enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1998, while continuing as a corrections officer for the state of Virginia. I was called to active duty as a combat photographer and served in the Bosnian Peace Keeping mission before the 9/11 attacks. I was called to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and soon after became full-time Army, where I was stationed in Korea, and later Afghanistan.

Throughout my military service career, I had passions for writing, and reading, later for gardening, landscaping, drawing, woodburning, bicycling, and painting. After retiring from the Army, I had time to write, capitalizing on my experiences. In this book I have created fictional organizations like the Arabian Express and The Circle. I have created roles in the story for an Enforcer, a Hired Terrorist, and a Plant. I believe my hands-on experiences in the field add authenticity to my writing. Creating it has sparked my interest to become an author in science fiction and political suspense.

I truly believe that words are powerful tools, and, if used rightly, they can do wonders, change the way people think of age-old concepts of right and wrong. I believe writers can help people break the cycle of conditioned thoughts and show readers a way to explore new aspects of life through the power of words. My wish is to become an advocate for people to follow their dreams without limits. I wish luck to my readers and supporters in following your dreams.

Robert Liddy

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About book

With the planet under the threat of alien invasion, the CIA is on a quest to discover the culprits facilitating the attacks. During the investigation, they discover information on a man named Bryan Ludendorff, who they believe has the potential to save the world from total calamity.

Bryan Ludendorff had left his past behind after leaving the Army to start anew. Years later, when a CIA delegation pays him a visit, he is unexpectedly confronted with it once again. The CIA believes he has information on missing diamonds and money

 from a West African syndicate organization that may have had something to do with a terrorist group backed by certain extraterrestrial species.

Now Bryan Ludendorff, a renowned con artist in some circles, appears to be the sole resource available to assist in the prosecution of the case. The investigation is likely to reveal the covert enemy spies in the CIA who have been feeding the enemy secret information.

The question is, who are they? Will they succeed in accomplishing their objective? Is Ludendorff the man who can save the world from potential calamity? Will the CIA ultimately apprehend the perpetrators and safeguard the Earth from extraterrestrial invasion? Nothing is ever quite what it seems.

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A thrilling plot involving warfare, systematic corruption, aliens, organized crime, and terrorism

Fascinating, memorable, and unapologetically wicked characters

A unique perspective from a versatile author

Portable and lightweight format

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Table of contents

On May 15, 2019, Bryan Ludendorff was taken into the CIA at Langley, Virginia to be questioned. Twenty-seven years before in 1992, high-quality diamonds, and money were missing from a syndicate organization inside Sierra Leone, West Africa.

A coup inside that country was used as a distraction to make that loot disappear. The money along with diamonds after the coup, they were missing and never seen again. Since the disappearance of the loot, many questions came after that incident, as to who was involved with the missing valuables.

The CIA had taken a special interest in the syndicate, once called themselves the Arabian Express, but now a terrorist organization calling themselves The Circle. With the help of Iran, The Circle intends to create a New Civilization as the Moorish Empire did at one time, to rule the world.

There is too much of a con for Bryan because the CIA is involved now. Ms. Xander the director of the CIA is overseeing this operation to bring down The Circle and has a special interest in Bryan now due to recent discoveries on him.

CIA, herself, motivated to achieve power for herself, starting with her employment, achieving wealth from the missing diamonds, and the money for her future retirement.

Some assistants working with Ms. Xander on this investigation knew Bryan Ludendorff when he was working in Sierra Leone on business dealings. It could threaten many careers in the CIA as well as the NSA.

Many individuals could face prison time by being exposed by him. Humans are a valuable commodity within the universe, by using slavery along with mixing races to make super beings.

An alien force will occupy the Earth and there will be no one to resist any future resistance. Now, Bryan’s biggest con is that he will have to save Earth from total disaster, and he has help from some other alien races. But how?

Chapter 1. The Beginning

An important meeting was about to begin, and the audience was ordered to settle down. The Earth had recently been under imminent threat of an alien invasion, which called for an investigation as to how such a situation could arise. I have been assigned to lead this important investigation, and given the overwhelming need for secrecy, I must choose my words carefully for the audience before me. Too much information, and we could lose our leverage over the enemy…

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