About Robert Liddy

About me

I was born in June 1963, a middle child, and am now married with three children. Having worked in the Army for years, I grew interested in writing in the science fiction, fiction, crime, and political genres.

I earned a degree in history from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and another in the animal science program from the University of Connecticut. I served in the Peace Corps in the Philippines and Sierra Leone. I enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1998, while continuing as a corrections officer for the state of Virginia. I was called to active duty as a combat photographer and served in the Bosnian Peace Keeping mission before the 9/11 attacks. I was called to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and soon after became full-time Army, where I was stationed in Korea, and later Afghanistan.

Throughout my military service career, I had passions for writing, and reading, later for gardening, landscaping, drawing, woodburning, bicycling, and painting. After retiring from the Army, I had time to write, capitalizing on my experiences. In this book I have created fictional organizations like the Arabian Express and The Circle. I have created roles in the story for an Enforcer, a Hired Terrorist, and a Plant. I believe my hands-on experiences in the field add authenticity to my writing. Creating it has sparked my interest to become an author in science fiction and political suspense.

I truly believe that words are powerful tools, and, if used rightly, they can do wonders, change the way people think of age-old concepts of right and wrong. I believe writers can help people break the cycle of conditioned thoughts and show readers a way to explore new aspects of life through the power of words. My wish is to become an advocate for people to follow their dreams without limits. I wish luck to my readers and supporters in following your dreams.

Robert Liddy